Our commitment

Filigree represents progress and wealth, culture and history; made with silver and gold, but the real main source is imagination. It’s an expression that gave identity and recognition to a town and its population. Inheritance and values, led through generations.

It’s Eladio Orfebre’s cultural purpose, as a colombian and entrepreneur, to continue with this beautiful tradition, and showing it in new markets.

Our Purpose

Its Eladio Orfebre’s purpose to show the world the beauty and elegance combined in these jewelry art. Reinventing and positioning filigree by taking modern design into spaces, accessories and daily application products.

In time

Eladio Orfebre understands continuous changes and new dynamics in fashion and peoples desire. In five years, Eladio Orfebre will be recognized as a modern products brand with a filigree-applied concept with handmade and culture as differential value.


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Laura Medina Manhattan, New York

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Issac Brooklyn, New York

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ERIK Saskatchewan, Canada

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